A Beaver's Tale is the twenty seventh episode of Season 2.It's episode 78 overall


Courage is playing with his yo-yo.Eustace comes and takes his yo-yo with him throwing it out.They hear a splash and find that their house is flooded in water.Muriel is cleaning her pot and says what's going on.They decide to go for a swim including Courage(with his rubber ducky)but Eustace says that the'pool' is his only.Muriel protests against him but he ignores her.Eustace leaves and Muriel with Courage still go for a swim.Courage dives in and finds his yo-yo.But a lobster takes it and Courage enters the house.But water is entering the house(Eustace is using a fishing rod to get things and Muriel is trying to dump water in the sink).Courage joins her and thinks that Muriel sinks altough she almost did.The house is floating and drowning but Eustace is having loads of fun.More water is entering the house and Courage heads out to find the cause of the water.He finds that the entire town is drowned and he meets a man in a boat that tells him about a dam.Meanwhile at the farm,a lobster clips on Eustace's nose and the first floor is completely drowned.Courage finds the dam and sees a beaver building it.The other is completely dry and the beaver says that he has to do this.Courage tries to break the dam by biting it,obviously breaking his teeth.Then he beats at the dam,this time breaking his hands.The beaver dumps some concrete on Courage and with his right hand free,Courage starts pulling the yo-yo with a pipe.The beaver likes the rhytm and joins him.The lobster returns and makes a TNT on Courage,obviously hurting Courage and the beaver.The beaver tells him he can't use his tail for singing(by hitting it on the floor) and shows him a slideshow.As a youngster,the beaver like to use the bangos but his dad was more intrested in his building business(against his mum's wishes).He destroys the bangos and buys him a new shovel.He joins Courage and uses his tail for flapping.He destroys the dam(without knowning).The roof of the farm is about to drown but the water system is back to normal.Courage and the beaver become a jazz duo.


~While seeing the drowned town,Courage sees the Statue of Liberty also drowned.

~The man who gives Courage directions is the same man which Freaky Fred cut off his entire beard.Altough his beard is still fully grown.

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