A Night At Katz Motel
Season 1, Episode 1
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Cajun Granny Stew
A Night At Katz Motel is an episode in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

The Spiders(Katz's pets).

Plot Edit

The Bagge Family are returning home from vacation, and stop at a lonely motel before making the last leg of their journey. Unfortunately for them, the motel is owned by the villainous Katz, an anthropomorphic, skinny-limbed, red cat with a penchant for using his hotel guests as fodder for his beloved pet spiders. As the domesticated arachnids prepare to dine on the humble family, Courage struggles to escape an impregnable leash to save his beloved Muriel, and, if he has time, the dour Eustace.

Characters Edit

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