Aunt Gertrude
Shirley accidentally contacting Gertrude
Full Name Aunt Gertrude
Gender: Female
Age 119 deceased
Species Human
Nationality Scottish
Hair Unknown
Eyes black
First Appearance Shirley the Medium
Last Appearance Shirley the Medium
Location The Afterlife
Relatives Muriel Bagge (niece)
Freaky Fred (great nephew)
Eustace Bagge (great nephew in-law)
Granny McHanzel (friend)
Muriel's Mother (sister)
Muriel's older sister and brother (daughter and son)
Portrayer(s) Unknown

Aunt Gertrude is Muriel's deceased great aunt. It seems that she passed down the vinegar-using trait to Muriel, which seems to disgust Courage and Eustace. She was accidentally contacted when Shirley the Medium was going to contact Eustace's deceased brother, Horst Bagge.

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