Th Katz
Full Name Katz
Gender: Male
Age Adult
Species Cat
Nationality American
Hair Red fur
Eyes Black
First Appearance A Night At Katz Motel
Last Appearance Ball of Revenge
Location Nowhere
Relatives None
Portrayer(s) Paul Schoeffler

Katz is a cat, Courage's main nemesis and the show's recurring antagonist. The main humor in his role is that Katz appears so much more the hero than Courage; he is athletic, intelligent, "handsome", and more sly than Courage, however, Katz is cruel and rude. He specializes in scam businesses such as a vacation resort, a confectionary shop, a motel, and a submarine cruise line, always with the intent to kill the patrons when he has no further need for them. He always cons Muriel and Eustace into trying whatever service he is providing, but Courage never falls for his schemes. All of his businesses enforce a strict "No Dogs Allowed" policy, forcing Courage to sneak in. He always enjoys a "little sport", as all of his battles with Courage are games such as a staring contest. In Ball of Revenge, he fell into a chasm (due to Courage's screaming) and thought to be dead.


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