Shirley The Medium
Season 1, Episode 12
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Shirley The Medium is the episode in Episode 12.It features the first appearence

of Shirley.


Courage finds a box buried in the garden.Courage,Muriel and Eustace are watching TV.Muriel mentions to Eustace that it's his dead brother birthday and says that they never had a good relationship.But Eustace ignores her.They see an advertisement on TV,where Shirley says that she can help connect with your dead relatives.They bring Shirley,first she finds Courage's lost yo-yo(it was in the sofa),then she connects with Muriel's sister.Later she connects with Horst,Eustace's brother.Eustace tells Horst where he hid the key to the chest with his money.Horst tells him that there's nothing in the chest but Eustace still insists to the key's whereabouts.Horst tells him that the key is in his HAT!!Shirley tells Eustace to listen to Horst but Eustace kicks her out.Courage goes to a telephone booth and tells Eustace not to open the box.But Eustace says"Your not getting my money,whoever you are!"Eustace opens the chest but is sucked in by the Guard Ghost.Later the Ghost tries to suck in Muriel but she is saved by Courage.In the end Courage and Muriel are eating sandwiches and Eustace says if he can buy them.Courage has the key. Edit


~This marks the first time Courage talking to Eustace,altough Eustace doesn't know who he's talking to.

Pictures From EpisodeEdit


Shirley connecting


Title Card

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