The Great Fusilli is the last episode of Season 1 from Episode 13


Muriel and Courage are getting water from their pump.Meanwhile a mobile-stage arrives in the farm and the Great Fusilli,a Italian-accent alligator,says that he is looking for some actors.Muriel passes the audition by juggling.After dropping the juggling materials on Eustace,The Great Fusilli puts him in the show.Courage is seen by The Great Fusilli performing some dancing and also enters him in the show.But Courage finds out why The Great Fusilli wants some actors,all of his actors are turned into puppets.He sees three hangars with their names on.Courage is dipped in make-up and confronts The Great Fusilli.He thinks that Courage is a ghost(since he was dipped in make-up) and The Great Fusilli falls.Courage saves Muriel and Eustace at the last moment,though they are still puppets!The Great Fusilli acts in front of the chairs and turns,himself,into a puppet.Courage controls Muriel and Eustace and controls Eustace to scare him.


~The Great Fusilli refers to Courage as 'Cute Little Doggy'.

~It is shown that Courage knows tap-dancing.

Pictures From EpisodeEdit


The Great Fusilli

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