It is a legendary mole similar to a werewolf but much smaller, yet just as mean. It has a taste for rabbits and people and if you get bitten by a weremole, you become one yourself as the computer stated. It bites Muriel on the hand and when the moon is full she transforms into a weremole. Courage and Eustace team up realizing that they are in more trouble than they thought. The cure to turn a human who turned into a Weremole is to get a little hair from the mole that bit you, just don't get bitten. The Weremole was defeated when Courage took a piece of his hair, while the Weremole was busy eating a rabbit costume.

The Weremole has gray and green fur, red and black eyes, sharp teeth, a small tail, stands on 2 legs, razor sharp claws, has sharp toes on his feet, a black nose, and with a ravenous appetite. He is the size as Courage, but meaner and hungrier than dogs.

The Weremole later returned in Ball of Revenge with Cajun Fox, Queen of the Black Puddle, Katz, Le Quack, and the Clutching Foot. He teams up with Eustace to destroy Courage.

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